• A new channel of HIGH IMPACT communication

  • image as BIG as your BRAND

  • turnkey SOLUTION with COMPLETE media planning

How it Works

1: Set Up

Easy process of installation and activation

2: Upload

Upload of 3D visuals, schedule campaigns, create playlists and much more

3: Shine

Launch impressive campaigns; The WOW effect guaranteed!

We Take It To Where Your Customers Are

X-VSN solution was developed with your business needs in mind. A lightweight projection unit supported by a proprietary, cloud-based management platform allows you to use it in almost any client-facing location, at entertainment venues or events of any size. You can also reinforce the impact of your business by creating a X-VSN network of as many units and across as many locations as you need. Remotely, effectively and smoothly.

X-VSN 3D floating holograms for business

X-VSN in Action

One Solution.
Diverse Applications.

From Gaming and Healthcare, to Automotive and Finance X-VSN brings an unmatched and break-through business value, proving the successful application of our solution in any industry.
Powered by a proprietary, cloud-based management platform, X-VSN by is far beyond being "just a cool thing". It is a comprehensive solution that can be seamlessly integrated into your business delivering a complete media planning system and helping you outshine industry competition.

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About X-VSN

X-VSN is a cutting-edge visual solution for managing and displaying unique video content using a holographic effect technology. It is a new and unique 3D advertising display for Shopping malls, Cloth stores, Restaurants, Museums, Clubs, Hotels, Jewelry stores, Cosmetic stores and many more.


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